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Radius Manager 4.x

Radius Manager is powerful software for managing users on your network. It is built on improved version of FreeRADIUS and optimised to use with MikroTik in order to give you maximum control over all of your users in one place and from anywhere.

It has been implemented on most of the authentication(AAA) system like in ISPs. It has been successfully implemented on big ISPs with more than 30,000 and smaller ISPs with less than 100 users in many countries.

  • RADIUS and DOCSIS account support
  • Traffic accounting (RADIUS)
  • Prepaid and postpaid billing, invoicing
  • Linux mailbox account synchronization
  • Supporting multiple NAS, CMTS and AP devices
  • Payment tracking
  • Financial reports
  • Prepaid card system
  • Instant Access Service system (IAS)
  • Online payment gateway support (PayPal etc.)
  • Connection Tracking System (CTS)
  • Wireless and DOCSIS signal monitoring
  • Account self registration option
  • Automatic expired account disconnection (RADIUS, DOCSIS)

DMA Radius Manager screenshots are available here.

Basic Network Diagram



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