About I.S.P Experts

I.S.P. Experts is a Private Limited Company and was registered since 2014 with some the energetic IT experts keeping an aim to improve IT sector in Nepal. Its main purpose is to implement and improve the life with better IT solution.

After a flourishing step toward the cutting edge technology “I.S.P. Experts” has formed the technology research and development department where the entire engineers research about the cutting edge technology and provide the stable and affordable products to entire Nepal.

Company also provides most of the best IT solution regarding Software, Hardware, Network, IT Security and IT Disaster Plan and Recovery. We have expertise under Office Computer Networking to Internet Service Provider Network Setup. We have been involved with Cloud Computing, Web Design, & Development, Domain Registration & Web Hosting, Software & Applications Development, Web Analytics, Web Security Analysis, E-Commerce Solution and Mobile APPs development in Nepal. We also provide High-End solution for server configuration like Mail, Web, Database, Domain, AAA and File Sharing in Linux platform as well as Windows. Recently, we have been providing customized trainings in Linux, Cisco and MikroTik for System Administrator of corporate sector. As we are the authorized reseller of Radius Manager Software, the product of DMA Softlab (www.dmasoftlab.com), we have been implementing Wifi HotSpot and Coupon Management System at different Hotels, Resorts, Colleges and Hospitals, Internet Service Providers(ISP) etc.